Cyber Research Report 2018

Cyber has come a long way since 1948, yet its meaning has remained the same: it still encompasses the notions of control and communication. Today the insurance industry is in an ongoing and prolific yet invisible battle to afford its customers rightful and autonomous control of their machines, their gadgets and, ultimately, their lives.

During 2017 and January 2018, insurers [which for our research purposes also includes managing general agents] and brokers within the insurance industry were invited to participate in an online survey relating to cyber.

In total, 187 members of the insurance industry attempted to answer this survey, with 115 of these completing all the questions. All responses, complete and partial, have been included in the results. Concurrently, a separate survey of the general public was carried out in December 2017 with the help of Consumer Intelligence. Over 1000 members of the public across the UK responded to the questions, the findings of which are presented in this report alongside results of the industry survey.

Based on the research findings, this comprehensive report sheds light on the key trends impacting the cyber insurance landscape and what the future holds.

Topics covered:
• Cyber insurance landscape today.
• Risk management and coverage.
• Claims – what to do after a breach.
• The future.
• Personal lines.