Do you have a VAN plan? Four steps to bringing alternative payments into your business

Every area of the finance world has undergone major transformation over the past few years. Mobility is changing the way people bank and AI is making finance more intelligent. The impact of automation is so great that McKinsey says it will soon take care of 10-25% of tasks across banking and finance functions. The bywords for future finance are dynamism, intelligence and speed. Businesses want systems that they can trust to take care of tactical, nuts and bolts tasks, so their smartest people are freed up to focus on strategic work that makes a big difference.

But to get there, businesses need a radical rethink when it comes to something that should be simple: their payments processes.

This content looks at how Virtual Account Numbers (VANs) allow businesses to gain immediate buyer and supplier control, while removing friction from the payments process.

Topics covered:
• The payment problem.
• How VANs can help.
• How do VANs work?
• Building a VAN plan – Four things to consider.
• Launching your VAN plan.