Optal is a London-based company and Europe’s seventh fastest growing company. We are the only FinTech specialist ranked in the Top 10 of the new FT1000 list, and rated as one of the 1,000 most inspirational companies in Britain by the London Stock Exchange Group. As a strategic partner of Mastercard, we process in excess of $10bn in payments globally, providing end-to-end B2B payments services for multiple sectors. 

Optal’s effortless, secure payments process enables highly efficient supplier payments anywhere in the world, using Virtual Account Numbers (VANs). These automatically generated, single-use 16-digit account numbers are safe, secure and convenient. They’re also the cornerstone to the numerous financial benefits our digital payment platform delivers.


Three ways to keep your suppliers on side

B2B payments are a key part of any business, but until now the sector has been relatively untouched by innovation. This blog highlights why it’s time for insurers to look at alternative payment methods to ensure their suppliers are paid quickly, easily, accurately and on time, every time.

The need for payment alternatives is now

Against a backdrop of uncertainty, this eGuide focuses on why businesses need to find alternative payment methods today. Topics covered include the essential requirements of payment alternatives, how CFOs can tackle supplier payment challenges and create smart working capital.