The need for payment alternatives is now

Should your business be looking at new ways to pay?

A billion dollars in a safe doing nothing is useless. Finance demands dynamism. Yet having plenty of fluidity and no governance can be equally problematic. It’s a recipe for risk, as recent history has made clear. That in turn creates a problem for the payments sector, through a game of bat and ball between positive disruption and risk governance – both of which need to be respected. Volatility is also an important (if unwelcome) aspect of today’s commercial and increasingly digital business strategy. So that has to be managed, too.

The market is focused on the options available to manage certainty in an increasingly uncertain world. Businesses want to be ‘digital’, secure and smart. Yet, in reality, leading edge trends such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are not likely to create practical alternatives any time soon.

Against a backdrop of uncertainty, this eGuide focuses on why businesses need to find alternative payment methods today.

Topics covered include:
• The essential requirements of payment alternatives.
• The current payment landscape.
• Payment platforms.
• How can CFOs tackle supplier payment challenges?
• How can CFOs create smart working capital?