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Back to the future of fuel

A year on from our feature, 'The future of fuel', which focused on electricity, we're going on a return trip to look at a few alternative solutions: hydrogen, biofuel and solar power. This guide highlights why insurers need to be prepared to accommodate whichever solutions become the prime choices.

The power of renewables

Renewable energy sources are becoming more widely used within the UK and so there's a need to address what insurance is required for the installations. In this white paper, we evaluate four types of renewable power and peer into what might lie in the future for renewable energy generation.

Is diesel running on empty?

With all the confusion around fuel consumption, drivers turning their back on diesel are ‘partly to blame’ for the first rise in CO2 emissions in 18 years. With alternative fuel sources gaining positive industry noise, are we seeing the slow death of diesel? Download this article to find out more.

FM Global - Wasting energy

The waste-to-energy industry is booming, with revenues expected to reach US$28 billion this year. But integrated plants bring new risks. This article looks at simple precautions that can reduce the main risks - machinery breakdowns and fire.

Fuelling the future

By 2050, the world’s population is set to hit 9.7 billion. Alongside this unprecedented rise, energy demand is forecast to increase by over 40%. How can the world satisfy this growing demand for energy? This StrategicRISK News Analysis looks at the challenges and offers a glimpse of the future.

Renewable energy: An ill wind?

If a recent Swiss Re report is to be believed, investment in renewable energy is set to skyrocket in the coming years – so why do insurers seem wary of taking on the sector’s risks? Post's article investigates.