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LexisNexis® Precision Claims for Home solution

The last few years have seen disruption within the home insurance market. As a result, rating using previous claims history has never been more important. This brief fact sheet lays out all the key aspects of the LexisNexis® Precision Claims for Home project.

Works of art: A shame to throw it away

What happens when a work of art gets damaged? Benedetta Brandi, Marketing & Communication Manager, AXA Art provides specific examples of works of art that have been damaged and the factors that determine whether a work of art can be restored or instead become classified as "Totaled".

General insurance pricing practices: Interim report

The FCA’s interim report sets out concerns about how pricing in the home and motor insurance markets leads to consumers who do not switch or negotiate with their provider paying high prices for their insurance. This report also sets out some potential remedies to tackle concerns about pricing.