Motor insurance: Usage-based insurance industry report

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The motor insurance industry is heading towards usage-based pricing models being the popular choice among both insurers and customers according to new research, with 91% of insurers forecasting it as a positive change for the future of insurance.

The research also revealed that 84% of insurers believe this shift represents an opportunity for their organisations. Is your business ready to take advantage and make the changes needed to meet changing customer demands?

This report explores the dynamics that are driving the need for transformation within motor insurance and the opportunities presented by UBI.

Topics covered include:
• Challenges facing motor insurance businesses.
• How drivers have become more demanding since the pandemic.
• A shift to fairer pricing and usage-based policies.
• The race to deliver usage-based insurance products.
• Benefits of introducing usage-based motor insurance products.
• Breaking down the barriers to usage-based motor insurance pricing.