Special report: The future of claims in commercial broking

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Claims are a key part of the insurance proposition, with the outcome delivered at this point validating the policy. Providing a responsive service that meets both customers’ and brokers’ expectations is a must.

Just how critical claims service is was underlined in the Post/Aviva Broker Commercial Claims Survey, where three-quarters of broker respondents stated that an insurer’s claims handling reputation was important or very important when it came to placing commercial business.

In this special report, Sam Barrett reflects on the research results that highlight insurers have some way to go to meet their expectations.

Topics covered include:
• How important is an insurer’s reputation in terms of claims handling when it comes to placing commercial business?
• Are brokers receiving a better or worse claims service from insurers compared with two years ago?
• Brokers’ biggest grievances with insurers when it comes to commercial claims.
• Claims trends by business line.