Upskilling and training to build a digitally literate workforce ready for modern business

As well as providing your workforce with the latest digital equipment, tools and solutions, it is important to ensure that your employees are ready with the knowledge to utilise them. Hear from the experts as they share their implementation project case studies. How can you reduce disruption, ensure all stakeholders are on board, and achieve company-wide adoption?

We will also investigate how best to upskill and train all staff once new technology has been implemented, and how to ensure that your staff are continuously trained to make sure they are ready for new systems and solutions when they arrive.

Watch this video to learn more about:
• How to develop a matrix to assess the impact of a solution post-implementation.
• Dealing with the challenge of change management and how to build a culture ready to accept change.
• Organising the training necessary to keep you staff skilled in the latest techniques and technology.
• How to upskill your workforce successfully and employ a continuously trained model.