How insurers can leverage digital labour to enable resilience

Life and business has paused in many ways due to Covid-19, but this has not been the case for insurance companies. Governments closing offices as part of lockdown programs and a surge in demand across various business lines have combined to form the perfect storm.

This has had a profound impact on three key business areas:
1) Finances.
2) Client servicing.
3) Business continuity plans.

Although the current situation is clearly extraordinary, it demonstrates that most companies must revisit their operating models and reassess how they can not only recover from the current state, but also be ready for an uncertain future.

With digital technologies set to play a crucial role, intelligent process automation (IPA) and conversational AI are two solutions that will prove invaluable during the current crisis, and should be at the top of the agenda for forward looking insurance leaders.

This content focuses on how insurers can leverage digital labour to enable resilience.

Topics covered include:
• Outlook for the future.
• Four key questions for insurance leaders to consider.
• Digital transformation themes.
• Using automation to manage the financial impact of Covid-19.
• Reviving struggling digital programs.
• Creating an effective digital workforce.
• Leveraging automation to increase resilience, enrich customer experience and reduce costs.