Building for your future: Guidelines for defining, planning and making the insurance products of tomorrow

If you look closely, the industry isn’t standing still at all, even as pressure increases on the links of carriers’ operating chains. While insurance has been perceived as a slow-moving, monolithic industry, carriers of all sizes are increasingly jumping over the hurdles of this changing world. They are beginning to behave like the very disruptors they’ve been taught to fear. They’re starting to see their customers as people in context, investing heavily in their competitive edge, and beginning to streamline their IT systems.

While this last piece is not yet fully realised for most carriers, we are starting to see stop-gap solutions that deliver modest results in the interim while larger changes are made.

Designed for incumbent insurers, this white paper provides guidelines for defining, planning, and making the insurance products of tomorrow.

Topics covered:
• Seeing people in context.
• Investing in your competitive edge.
• Streamlining your IT systems.