Webinar: How can insurers adapt to handling the large volumes of digital media now involved in claims?

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Insurance companies today are dealing with high volumes of digital media associated with claims initiation and claims investigation processes. This includes a dramatic rise in unstructured content such as video and images.

In this webinar, an expert panel discuss the impact this trend has had on the claims process, how insurance companies can address this issue and provide a better customer experience.

Topics covered include:
• How ready are insurers to meet the growing demand among customers to send photos or videos of claims at FNOL?
• How can insurers better manage the increasing quantity and variety of digital content attached to claims?
• What can insurers do to streamline and automate the ingestion of digital content and media files?
• How can insurers reduce the manual effort required to analyse content and automate analysis?
• How can insurers improve the flow of digital content between the different parties involved in the claims process?