Optimising payments: How digital payments technology can transform the inefficiencies and cost of B2B payments

While the consumer market has seen a wealth of innovation in payments, be it Apple Pay, Android Pay, wearable, contactless or others, innovation in B2B payments is lagging behind. Providers often tempt consumers with benefits and rewards for using their payment service, but what is on offer in the B2B payments world?

Large UK organisations have told us that vast numbers of B2B payments are not being dealt with as efficiently as they could be. This is the view of more than 100 senior finance executives, working in large FTSE 350 companies and organisations employing more than 1,000 people.

This report sheds light on the key findings from the research conducted by Optal in cooperation with Mastercard.

Topics covered:
• B2B payments today.
• The top five challenges for B2B payments.
• Research.