Disruptive influences: Technology, politics and change in the financial sector

In recent months the public policy ether has been full of a miasma of e-buzz words: FinTech, cyber risk; automation; the sharing economy, the Internet of Things; e-payments, and big data to name but a few. These and many other issues are captured in the phrase ‘digital disruption’.

Is this real step-change or another dot.com short-lived bubble which will fall back to a more normal cycle of development? The reality is this is a real change and it is already occurring albeit at an uneven pace across the range of financial services.

This report, the third in our collaborative series of risk reports with Cicero, focuses on the next wave of technological progress which is likely to have a fundamental impact on how the financial services world will interact with and impact on the wider consuming public.

Topics covered:
• Implications for politics and regulation.
• Implications for consumers and the public interest.
• Emerging risk challenges for the insurance sector.
• Technological and geopolitical risks.