The value of intelligent automation in powering a post-Covid-19 economic recovery

Economists are predicting that in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic the global economy will take years to fully recover. Organisations around the world are now figuring out what the ‘new normal’ is and what operational and resourcing changes need to be made to remain viable during this recovery period.

Digital transformation has been moved up the agenda, and as a result RPA and intelligent automation technologies are also front of mind for more organisations than ever before.

Based on research conducted by Computing and Blue Prism, this whitepaper explores the value of intelligent automation in the current economic climate and beyond.

Topics covered:
• 2020 market survey results.
• Positioning automation as a driver for change.
• Lessons from the Covid-19 crisis.
• Covid-19 automation use case – Banking and financial services.
• Intelligent automation at the core of transformation plans.
• How organisations can get the most from introducing intelligent automation now.
• Mapping the road ahead to generate new opportunities and additional value.
• Implementing intelligent automation and RPA.

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