GDPR: A great catalyst for enhancing customer experience

GDPR is a tough regulation. Achieving and maintaining a target maturity state on May 25, 2018 will require a collaborative investment of time and effort from all functions within an organisation. With its requirements and challenging fine structure, GDPR is one of the top board agenda items of every impacted organisation today. Most companies have already established their compliance programmes to come out on the right side of this regulatory regime.

As companies define their target maturity state and compliance roadmap, there is a tremendous opportunity for putting forth their brand as one that customers can trust. Come May 2018, the real beneficiaries will be companies that put customer experience at the forefront of their delivery plan and approach, or in other words, focus on data processing activities that are likely to cause most detriment to customers.

Focusing on three facets of customer centricity, this whitepaper looks at how GDPR offers many ways for companies to enhance customer experience on their path to compliance.

Areas covered:
• Being transparent and fair.
• Empowering customers.
• Being responsible.