Cloudy with a chance of mishap: How weather insights can help insurers manage risk and drive client value

Weather has evolved from a three-minute segment on the evening news to an emerging information source enterprises can harness to improve business outcomes. As availability and predictive capabilities of weather forecasting continue to grow, so do the opportunities for insurance companies to apply weather data to improve customer engagement, operations and risk management.

This executive report identifies opportunities for insurance companies to use weather data as an important asset in both managing operational and financial risks, as well as improving customer relationships. It also explores how companies can start using weather data in their day-to-day operations and considers future directions in the use of weather-related information for insurers.

Topics covered:
• Customer engagement opportunities.
• Claims management.
• Risk management.
• What should insurers be looking for in weather data?
• How insurers can take advantage of weather data.
• Using weather data to help manage catastrophic events.