Rethinking insurance: How cognitive computing enhances engagement and efficiency

Now more than ever, with premium growth stagnant, declining income and disruption from outside players, insurers are looking for better ways to increase efficiency and get closer to the customer. As the cognitive era dawns, outperforming insurers are rethinking insurance: applying technologies that understand, reason, learn and interact can help improve the way insurers do business and interact with customers.
To better understand the potential benefits available to the insurance industry from cognitive technologies, IBM engaged more than 1,500 executives worldwide for the 2016 Cognitive Insurance Survey. Analysis of the findings confirm that lack of internal agility and increasing outside disruption are major industry challenges requiring urgent attention. While many organisations still have far to go, outperformers are already taking strides to become fully-fledged cognitive insurers.
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Topics covered:
• The emergence of disruptive insurtechs
• Gaining competitive advantage through cognitive technologies
• How cognitive can change insurance
• Recommendations for becoming a cognitive insurer
• Are you ready for a cognitive transformation?