Designing a sustainable digital insurer: Learning from the digital pioneers

In an era of unprecedented change, technology offers insurance clients greater access to information than ever before. Out of this revolutionary advance, a new class of smarter and more demanding customers has emerged. In tandem, new insurance carriers are moving quickly to offer new compelling digital services.

Insurers globally are striving to engage empowered customers and digital transformation is becoming pervasive. Insurance customers are fuelling the demand for mobile solutions with expectations of direct access to content in a way that was inconceivable just a few years ago.

This whitepaper looks at the opportunities and threats for insurers and highlights why insurers that embrace digitisation have an opportunity to generate new business value and better engage with customers.

Topics covered:
• Insurance industry imperatives.
• Millennials’ enthusiasm for usage-based insurance.
• Insurance customers’ needs in the digital age.
• Three imperatives that drive competitive advantage for digital insurers.
• A scan of the digital insurer landscape.
• Defining the true digital insurer.