Essential safety considerations for essential workers

Grocery clerks. Restaurant staff. Public transit workers. Gas station attendants. Mail carriers. Truck drivers. Warehouse and food processing workers. Public safety officers. And, of course, healthcare professionals. They are essential workers.

While across the world, non-essential businesses are closing or significantly reducing activities to keep more people at home, essential businesses look for ways to keep their workers safe and healthy.

In this article, AXA XL’s Global Casualty Risk Consulting Manager Sheri Wilbanks highlights the challenges of the current operating environment for essential businesses.

Topics covered:
• The importance of sound risk management principles.
• What protocols or steps are essential businesses taking to protect employees?
• Are there businesses conducting business as usual?
• Besides PPE, what other safety equipment or protocols should businesses use?
• How important is communication in keeping essential workers safe?
• What lessons can be learned?