Best practice guide: Essential steps to digitising and transforming your claims process

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Claims content is a daily and growing struggle for insurers

The insurance industry understands what it takes to manage mass quantities of information. It has done so for decades. But the skyrocketing volume of digital media and proliferation of types has created new challenges. Today, an average insurance claim file can include gigabytes of supporting content, from scanned documents to photo streams and dashcam videos.

Insurers rely on their powerful claims management systems and all manner of custom systems to support daily claims operations. But as rich media pours in from different channels, claims workers find themselves having to switch systems to deal with supporting content.

As the tide of digital media continues to rise unabated, insurers are looking for solutions to make the processing of claims content faster, increase operational efficiency and better service their customers.

This best practice guide provides advice to specialists on how to tame claims content chaos and the technologies available to help insurers transform their claims processes.