Insurance and Covid-19: Initial reaction to the crisis and rebuilding in a new environment

Like all industries, insurance has been impacted profoundly by the Covid-19 pandemic. From rapidly establishing remote working for all employees, maintaining communication lines with customers, conducting claims reviews remotely and adjusting to digital communications, the transition has been tough for all involved.

However there have also been some major successes and the insurance industry has shown remarkable resilience and flexibility during this trying time.

In this video, an expert panel assess what the landscape is like for the industry moving forward.

Topics covered include:
• What are the next steps for the insurance industry workforce until the end of the year?
• How do we maintain high productivity levels as working from home sets in?
• Understanding mental and physical well-being of staff.
• What will customers be looking for until the end of the year and into early 2021 and how do we continue to maintain high customer service levels?
• Is this change something that we can see as a permanent adjustment?
• Where will the big challenges be in the months ahead?