Operational risks and Covid-19

As the world adjusts to the changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing is certain – no company has been spared from the impact of a national shutdown and global business disruption. Equally, very few companies had included pandemic response of the type required in their business interruption plans.

As businesses move to reopen, resuming direct contact with customers and between employees, risks are exacerbated for both employees and customers.

In this article, Sheri Wilbanks, Global Casualty Risk Consulting Manager at AXA XL Risk Consulting, focuses on how businesses can evaluate and manage operational risks associated with Covid-19, including the risks to workers and customers.

Topics covered:
• Evaluating operational risks on a daily basis based on actual staffing levels.
• Hiring and training.
• Remote workers.
• Keeping your customers safe.
• Measures that can improve employee and public safety.
• Communicating changes with customers.