Spotlight: Vehicle replacement - the evolution of mobility

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The motor insurance sector is facing interesting times. Challenges are coming from all corners – from the repair cost implications of the growing market of advanced driver-assistance system enabled vehicles to how to tackle the theft threat of keyless cars. And that’s all while addressing the age-old conundrum of how to achieve customer satisfaction and retention, while keeping an eye on costs and profit.

One area where customer satisfaction could be enhanced, particularly in relation to the claims experience is by offering more choice of mobility options to the policyholder when their car is off the road. The argument for more choice is clear. While policyholders have made the decision to own a car for their day-to-day lives, if the vehicle is off the road for a period of time they may want the flexibility of having another way of getting round, but not necessarily be tied to a car that may not actually be similar to their own.

Produced by Europcar, this content focuses on how motor insurers can address the need for a wider range of policyholder mobility options when their vehicles are off the road.

Topics covered:
• Electric revolution.
• E-mobile solutions.
• Ensuring repair supply chains are equipped to support the wider low emission.
• Vehicle take-up.
• Replacement vehicle survey findings.
• Barriers that the insurance sector needs to overcome.