Business intelligence: Unlocking the power of data to generate actionable insights

Business intelligence (BI) plays an integral role in every organisation, turning data into meaningful information for making the right decisions. Business decisions can no longer be based just on a gut feeling, but must use a sensible, calculated, and insight driven approach based on data.

Thinking differently - more strategically - about integrating data and communicating the insights can help any organisation improve their top-line and bottom-line. Often, companies trying to modernise their business processes rely on ready-made solution suites or data visualisation tools like to deliver results. However, the majority of organisations that take this approach end up disillusioned due to the poor adoption of BI tools and technology on account of the complexities arising from people, process, and implementation issues.

By adopting certain best practices which form the core of a BI solution and following guiding principles for transforming existing BI architecture, organisations can ensure they get the most out of their business intelligence solutions.

Download this content to find out how EXL’s framework looks at the entire landscape of business intelligence holistically and achieves the desired business outcomes by:

• Identifying the right KPIs and metrics.
• Selecting the most appropriate data architecture and integrating the required data sources.
• Choosing a future-ready analytical process.
• Adopting a visualisation toolset that fits the enterprise requirements.
• Getting the right talent for the job.