Before and after Covid-19: Reimagining work with automation

The business of the future will consist of three equal parts: one-third humans, a third digital talent, and a final third of traditional IT. This state of equality could be reached by 2030.

The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 has impacted every aspect of how we work and catapulted automation to the top of the 'C' suite agenda.

To understand just how significant this disruption has been, and to obtain practical guidance on how to accelerate sales and marketing efforts, Blue Prism commissioned CIONET to conduct interviews with leading CIOs from organisations as diverse  as Astra Zeneca, UK Ministry of Defence and Allen & Overy.

This report examines the likely changes to workflow, workforce and workplace. It focuses specifically on how intelligent automation can help large organisations to be more productive and responsive in the future.

Topics covered include:
• Future of work.
• Placing the big automation bets.
• Navigating the automation spectrum.
• Implications for the C-suite.