Accelerating digital transformation in the insurance industry

Providers of insurance services, in response to both competitive and customer pressures, are rapidly embracing the shift to digital. And while many are just beginning this journey, others are well underway in the process, experimenting with different technologies in the hope of driving innovations to be more nimble, competitive, and profitable.

But innovation itself isn’t the entire challenge - pockets of innovation can be found in most any company, from the wildly successful to those that have failed spectacularly. The real challenge is in being able to innovate at scale across an entire organisation, while simultaneously creating a mechanism for those innovations to be shared, sustained, and to drive value back into the core of the business. That is the challenge.

This report studies the factors driving change within the insurance industry and the challenges that must be overcome for insurers to accelerate digital transformation.

Topics covered:
• The innovation challenge.
• Enabling digital innovation.
• The value of innovation.
• The winning edge.
• Taking the next step.