Video: The essential role of brokers in preventing cyber attacks

This video will acknowledge that insurers must work better to overcome the knowledge vacuum in cyber insurance, and to take the time necessary to equip brokers with the tools needed to educate their clients and help prevent attacks.

Topics covered:
• Serving your customers properly and ensuring they are not exposed to risk.
• What steps do you need to take in the event of an attack taking place, and how does this differ to cases that you will be well-versed in?
• What plans will insurers have in place for a cyber crisis, and how do brokers fit into this for a comprehensive, effective and rapid response?
• How can you use your knowledge to best support your customers, identify their cyber needs, and move conversations in the right direction?
• What are the most effective ways to stay on top of market developments and ensure you are fully up to speed?

• Sian Barton, Editor, Insurance Age.

• Peter Goddard, Managing Director, Daulby Read Insurance Brokers
• Michael Greenland, Head of Regional Broker Sales, Aviva.
• Mark Bennett, CEO, Bennett Christmas Group.
• Ian Bird, Director, Solutions Architects Europe, Middle East & Africa, Cyence.