Scheme Smart video: How to future proof your delegate authority business

The third episode of Insurance Age’s documentary series with AXA, Scheme Smart, focuses on what steps can be taken to future-proof schemes and delegated authorities and what sectors brokers can look to for future growth.

One successful DA facility does not a business make, so it is imperative that brokers not only protect and grow existing schemes but also identify and develop new opportunities in tandem.

This video outlines some steps that can be taken to ensure that a scheme or DA remains fit for purpose, proposes ways to open doors to further schemes facilities and suggests growth sectors that may be ripe for the enterprising schemes broker.

Among the topics Chris Mays, Director, Inspire Underwriting and Michelle McTeer, Regional Schemes Manager, AXA offer their thoughts on include:

• The benefits of staying specialist, not generalist.
• How keeping on touch of socio-economic trends can pay dividends.
• The length it might take to get a new scheme of delegate authority to market.
• The outlook for schemes and delegated authorities; and the biggest challenges to that potential growth.

To support the video, you can also read the associated white paper which will soon be available to download this Thursday on Insurance Hound.