Video: Scheme Smart - How to grow and market your delegated authority

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The second episode of our insightful documentary series with Insurance Age, Scheme Smart, focuses on how to take a delegated authority to the next level.

Given the growing interest in schemes among brokers and managing general agents, any company that is happy to coast, and refuse to evolve and extend its reach, faces losing hard won clients, and not attracting new ones.

To help advise on how a scheme or delegated authority might have a greater chance of attracting customers and maintaining market share, Pound Gates' Director Del Sharman and AXA's Schemes Business Development Manager Rachael Cave offer their thoughts on:

• The role of marketing and benefits of partnering with trade bodies.
• How to maximise any promotional campaigns to have the greatest impact.
• The new marketing channels available to brokers and MGAs.
• Why working with the AXA Growth Lab could be beneficial to a broker or MGA.
• How often a broker or MGA should review a scheme or delegated authority; and what to look for when moving from one insurer to another.

To support the video, you can also read the associated white paper: Scheme Smart: How to grow and market your scheme, which will be available to download on Insurance Hound on 1st November 2018.