Scheme Smart: How to grow and market your scheme

Getting a scheme or delegated authority up and running is no easy task but even if the insurer and third party can get to that stage, the hard work is only just starting. Many schemes don’t survive the first couple of years and with every insurer looking for that long-term, profitable arrangement, schemes providers need to give themselves every chance of ensuring that they can grow their new venture profitably.

Of course, marketing is the main route to growth but the days when mail drops and cold calling were king have long gone. While these approaches may still have a place in certain sectors and, as part of a broader marketing strategy, consumers are increasingly drawn to digital channels.

But effective marketing is only part of the answer. Developing and maintaining a strong, open and collaborative relationship with the capacity provider is crucial to ensure the success of any delegated authority or scheme.

This white paper provides advice to brokers on how to grow and market their schemes.

Topics covered:
• Growth as defence and offence.
• Planning for success.
• Marketing in a digital landscape.
• Managing the cost of marketing.
• Keeping pace with change.
• Scheme Smart in action.