The digital age of insurance: Five reasons why your brokerage should be digital

The digital age of insurance is here. For those who seize the opportunity of digital transformation, a substantial reward awaits. According to consulting firm McKinsey & Company, a “triple prize” of satisfied customers, lower operating costs and higher growth is the payoff for businesses that move decisively into becoming a digital brokerage. Conversely, businesses still denying the digital transformation of insurance do so at their peril. It is time to either accept and thrive – or deny and disappear.

Despite what many believe, digital transformation does not diminish the importance of relationships – the hallmark of every independent insurance broker. In fact, it is just the opposite. Investing in digital technology enhances a broker’s ability to meet the needs of today’s consumer, driving significant business value.

This eBook focuses on five key areas of business value that a digital brokerage brings to your customers, your employees and your key stakeholders.

Topics covered include:
• Core characteristics of a digital brokerage.
• Why being a digital business matters.
• Growth opportunities.
• Customer satisfaction.
• Client advice.
• Trust.
• Digital technology considerations.