Your guide to underwriting and claims insurance fraud

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Over the past 18 months, insurance companies have needed to focus on flexing their infrastructure to effectively deliver services via remote working models and frequently adapt their processes to reflect the rapidly changing operating environment. This has had a significant impact on the availability of time and resources to detect and prevent insurance fraud.

As claims and fraud teams have lost their normal infrastructure, the ability to share information and carry out normal checks and controls virtually and consistently has become even more vital to offset vulnerabilities.

Download this guide to find out more about the latest fraud trends and the smart detection tools available to help insurers stay one step ahead of fraudsters.

Topics covered include:
• What is application fraud?
• What is claims insurance fraud?
• What is claims farming/vishing?
• Pandemic fraudsters and new types of insurance fraud.
• Smart fraud detection tools.
• Four key claims fraud indicators.
• Working smartly to detect insurance fraud at underwriting and claims stages.
• Machine learning and AI-driven risk assessment to enhance fraud detection.