Creating connected insurers

The digital world is bringing enormous opportunities, as well as challenges for the insurance industry.

Telematics and autonomous vehicles will alter the world of auto insurance, IoT offers connected insight from devices and new understanding of consumer behaviour, and big data and Artificial Intelligence could transform risk models and create new value in process automation and decision-support.

However, digital is also changing the culture of choice. Consumers increasingly want direct answers, more value from providers, desire service on the channel they choose and seek information on demand. This shift can only increase with the rise of the millennial generation.

With insurers recognising that digital transformation is no longer optional, this e-book looks at how general insurance providers can create effortless digital experiences for all customers by focusing on six fundamental areas.

Topics covered:
• Digital assures your future.
• Becoming an insurance trailblazer.
• Delivering smarter services.
• Holding smart conversations.
• Better broker relationships.
• Internet of Things (IoT).
• Driving insurance customer success.