Claiming the full benefits of intelligent automation in insurance

Many insurance companies are now adopting automation to streamline processes and save costs, but only a few have gone beyond their initial use cases and discovered the real potential it has to drive business transformation.

We are starting to see the lines blurred between digital transformation and automation strategies because intelligent automation provides a solution to the challenges of legacy systems, manual processes and resourcing.

This white paper looks at the areas in which an insurance company can draw the most benefit from automation, with a view to helping you build a value roadmap into your transformation strategy.

Topics covered include:
• The blurring of intelligent automation, digital transformation and channel shifts.
• The Covid effect - the widening gap in intelligent automation deployment.
• Enhancing customer experience.
• Optimising fraud detection and reduction.
• Driving data accuracy and compliance.
• Speeding up claims management.
• Looking ahead: Reshaping future strategy with intelligent automation.