Insurance companies in the digital era: Improving customer satisfaction by embracing technology

One area of significant importance to insurance companies is the claim process. Several studies show the claim process has a significant impact on an insurance company's satisfaction and retention rate with their customers. As a result, improving the client experience during the claim process is crucial for insurance companies to maintain and grow their market share.

Insurance companies have an opportunity to achieve further growth by looking for and investing in new, cutting-edge ways to make it easier and faster for consumers to engage with them across multiple touch points throughout the customer journey, especially during the claim process.

Our study among 500 UK motor, home and technology insurance customers who filed a claim in the past 12 months reveals that despite some progress, insurance companies still have room to improve their claim process, and as a consequence, customer satisfaction and retention, especially among Millennials. One way to do that is by further utilising digital innovation to engage with consumers, to achieve faster results.

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Topics covered:
• Almost six in ten insurance customers are not ‘very satisfied'.
• Claims process - make it easy, make customers happy.
• Time to resolution - speed is key.
• Technology adoption is lagging behind consumer demand.
• 49% of policyholders would be willing to pay more in order to have faster claims resolution.