Product guide: Help your claims agents see the claim through the eyes of the customer

The claims process is complex and expensive, and for most customers, it is the only experience they will have with your company after they purchase a policy. At the front line of this process are your claims agents. By equipping them with a tool that extends their reach so that they can view a claim as close to the First Notice of Loss (FNOL) as possible, without leaving their desk, you can help expedite the process and improve customer satisfaction.

Enter Rescue Lens, an innovative, live-video support tool that helps your claims agents see why a claim is being made, through the eyes of the customer.

This product guide highlights the main features and benefits of LogMeIn's Rescue Lens claims management solution.

Topics covered:
• Reduced time and costs with handling claims.
• Decreased time to payout.
• Improving the accuracy of assessments.
• Identifying excluded or uninsured perils.
• Improving the customer experience.