Insurance data hub quick start guide: Accelerating your data-driven transformation efforts

If you spend more time fighting your data than benefiting from it, you aren’t alone. Enterprise data integration eats up 60 percent of a typical IT department’s budget — buying hardware, expansive software stacks and burdensome maintenance.

MarkLogic’s Insurance Data Hub service allows you to integrate data more simply, using a cloud-based service that ingests, curates and serves up integrated data. MarkLogic can quickly and easily help you stand up an initial Data Hub in the cloud, so you can start realizing the benefits associated with a 360° view of your enterprise data.

In this guide, we will present you with a high-level plan and tools to successfully start executing data-driven transformation in just 45 days using the MarkLogic Insurance Data Hub (IDH). In part 1, we explore exactly why the MarkLogic IDH is such an effective platform for digital transformation for an insurance enterprise. In part 2, we provide a plan for a 45-day quick start engagement to get your enterprise on the path to digital transformation.