Insurance data trends: How data and analytics continue to transform the insurance industry

Insurance companies that want to thrive in today’s aggressive global business landscape need to leverage data and analytics better than ever before. Insurance providers must know more about the marketplace than their competitors, have the ability to share and leverage information internally and externally with simplicity and ease, and integrate analytics insights into every step of the decision making lifecycle.

The good news is that insurance firms don’t have to go it alone. Today, there are cloud data platforms that enable insurance organisations of any size to build foundational data and analytics capabilities so they can confidently and profitably move forward and prepare for whatever is next.

This content sheds light on how data and analytics continues to transform the insurance industry.

Topics covered include:
• A rapidly evolving insurance landscape.
• Identifying the biggest external challenges for insurers.
• Using a modern data platform to gain “insight advantage”.
• Practical use cases for a modern data platform.
• Technical considerations for a modern data platform.
• How insurance companies can benefit from data.
• Secrets to success.