With a little help from your friends: The big business benefits of Employee Resource Groups

Many Employee Resource Groups started in companies out of the need for people of difference to feel a sense of belonging. By getting together, employees created a sense of community with colleagues of similar backgrounds. But ERG’s are more than just a social community.

ERGs have become opportunities for employees to offer and find support and understanding, to educate and share information and resources, and are a source of innovative thought. ERGs also provide employees the opportunity to accomplish even more:

• They are a forum to look at problems and find innovative solutions together.
• They allow colleagues to demonstrate their leadership skills that they might not have the opportunity to showcase in their day-to-day job.
• They give colleagues the opportunity to develop relationships with others at all levels within an organisation.

In this article, Anne Marie Elder, Chief Underwriting Officer – Marine, North America at AXA XL highlights why ERGs are more important than ever and the big business benefits for organisations.