Spotlight ADAS technology: Educating policyholders on the repair process

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Advanced driver assistance systems are now part and parcel of everyday motoring. In association with National Windscreens, Post surveyed a range of private and commercial motor market specialists to find out if the industry is keeping up with the fast-moving technology.

Opinions varied on the impact ADAS are having on motor premiums and claims costs. But there was a general consensus on the need for a more granular understanding of the technology if the market is to get the best out of what it has to offer.

By 2022 the European Union will make some advanced driver assistance systems mandatory for new cars. Based on the results of our recent ADAS survey, this spotlight focuses on how the market is preparing for this and how it is keeping up with the current ADAS equipped cars in the car park.

Topics covered include:
• ADAS adoption trends.
• ADAS and motor claims.
• Perceived benefits of ADAS.
• ADAS vehicle repairs and the customer experience.