What we can learn about insurance fraud: Reading Malcolm Gladwell’s talking to strangers

In the insurance industry we are meant to know our customers and they should not be “strangers.” However, in an increasingly digital world, our interactions with our customers are ever more impersonal relying on the click of the mouse rather than the face-to-face interaction of the past. We have ever more data on our customers, but we seem to “know” them less. The first personal contact with our clients can often be when they have a claim.

Based on insight provided by Malcolm Gladwell’s book Talking to Strangers, this content highlights why our human instinct to default to truth by giving individuals the benefit of the doubt can lead us to the wrong conclusions about insurance fraud.

Topics covered:
• Why do we default to truth?
• Artificial intelligence vs human judgement.
• How automation can help claims teams identify higher risk cases for further investigation.