What does 'good' look like for claims in 2022?

It sounds like a simple question, but given the turmoil over the last two years, and trends that were already being talked about and predicted before Covid-19 gripped the UK, what do customers now expect from insurers when it comes to handling their claims?

In this 30-minute webinar, Mike Smart, Sales Director at Duck Creek Technologies, Larry Griffin, Claims Team Leader at Beazley, and Jonathan Swift, Content Director at Insurance Post explore some of the most popular questions being asked in the insurance industry right now.

Topics covered:
• What lessons have been learned over last two years, and how will they instruct the future?
• Have insurance customers/claimants become more demanding, and how do we match those expectations?
• What role does technology have to play in assisting insurance companies meeting these expectations?
• By the same token, what is the role of claims handlers and other staff in matching – and indeed beating – expectations and giving claimants the best experience possible?