Empathy creates a better claim experience for horse and livestock owners

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Most commercial insurance is designed to protect physical and financial assets – properties and products; bottom lines and reputations. All are important, but losses are rarely life-or-death.

That’s where equine/livestock coverage is a little different. The cattle, hogs and horses insured under these policies are living, breathing assets that their owners have often raised themselves and developed an emotional connection with.

As a result, there is an emotional quotient there that makes some claims very difficult. Equine and livestock specialists need to figure out how coverage can be applied to get an animal the care it needs while also comforting the client. This requires experience and a higher degree of emotional intelligence.

In this article, Nicole Pidcoe, AIC, Claims Manager – Equine & Livestock for AXA XL, sheds light on the challenges of working in the equine and livestock industry, the expertise needed to deal with a broad set of exposures and why empathy creates a better claim experience for clients.