Optimising customer and employee experience in a world of remote work

The workplace was already changing before home/remote working began grabbing headlines in March of 2020. The gig economy and an increasing demand for flexible hours from workers were already causing organisations to reassess the way they operate while ensuring that they deliver business as usual to customers.

This is no small undertaking with considerations ranging from remote-access to critical systems, a shift to cloud-based services along with the need for enterprise level security to keep customer data safe and to protect core business systems.

Engagement and communication for employers, suppliers, employees and customers will be critical, to deliver the experience that all stakeholders will need in a new hybrid world of work.

This whitepaper focuses on how businesses can optimise customer and employee experience in a world of remote work.

Topics covered:
• The new normal.
• Responding to the challenge.
• Using technology to meet the challenge.