Data management for insurers: Main challenges and the path forward

Despite collecting high volumes of data for decades, the insurance industry has lagged behind others in their adoption of and investment in data analytics. As a consequence, insurers have struggled to unlock the full potential of captured data.

That is starting to change today, where new and emerging technologies offer insurers the opportunity to leverage data in ways thought impossible just a few years ago. But this transition will not be an easy one, and firms face a range of challenges to become the data-driven enterprises required to succeed today.

In this research report, we provide clarity and guidance to insurers as they set out to develop more data-centric business models through automated technologies.

Topics covered:
• How to overcome the legacy hurdle.
• The importance of data granularity.
• Why manual processing will fall behind.
• The opportunities presented by automation.
• Latest technology trends in the insurance industry.
• The optimal data transformation strategy for modern insurers.