Customer experience in the insurance sector insight report

The UK’s insurance sector is a powerhouse – employing over 300,000 individuals, it is the largest in Europe and the third largest globally. Yet at the same time it is subject to a growing number of pressures that are threatening to destabilise business models that have historically proven successful.

Clearly there are many forces and issues affecting the insurance industry today, but carriers must look at ways to take advantage of innovation, and in particular technology-led innovation, to respond to the challenging economic conditions they face.

This report sheds light on market forces driving change, the status of customer experience management in the UK insurance sector and why carriers have a unique opportunity to gain a key competitive advantage.

Over several chapters, the report will examine:
• Pressures that characterise the sector.
• Challenges facing providers.
• Opportunities that technology-led innovation can provide carriers.
• The next steps that leading-edge insurance organisations should consider.