Broker insight: Find out how brokers choose insurance providers

In March 2017, the Insurance Age, Post and Insurance Hound team conducted 27 in-depth interviews with insurance brokers to uncover the decision making process they undertake when using or recommending insurance providers.

The research comprised of 30 minute face to face interviews covering four key areas:
1. Considerations when placing a risk.
2. Relationship with insurers.
3. Value-added services.
4. Branding.

This report provides an overview of the research findings.

Topics covered include:
• Balancing quality of cover and claims service with price.
• How existing relationships between insurers and brokers greatly influenced which providers brokers preferred to use.
• The role played by insurer panels for certain business lines.
• How showing a strong ‘underwriting appetite' can help insurers to win new business.
• The importance of product-specific branding and thought leadership content in a competitive market.