A look at cybersecurity, post-pandemic

Just as criminals prey on victims when they are at their most vulnerable, for example, after a natural disaster, Covid-19 will be no different. Since the pandemic hit, we have seen an explosion of phishing and malware campaigns, with many of our own contacts reporting up to a 300 percent increase in phishing attacks since February 2020 (many posing as COVID-19 information or resources).

The uptick in attacks couldn’t be happening at a worse time. As businesses operate from remote locations, IT resources are stretched thin and employees, facing a multitude of new challenges working from home, will invariably struggle to remain as vigilant to cybersecurity threats as they are under normal working conditions.

In this article, Elissa Doroff, AXA XL and Billy Gouveia, S-RM, look at the short term and long term cybersecurity trends, before highlighting the steps companies and their employees can take to mitigate the risks.