Webinar: Insurance personalisation - Turning rhetoric into action

Can insurers match rhetoric with action as they seek to improve customer loyalty with a more personal service?

Personalisation has become one of the most frequently mentioned insurance ‘buzzwords' in recent months. But for all the talk, reports reinforce the preconception that long-standing customers are only offered good rates if they challenge renewal quotes or threaten to leave; and that staying loyal can cost families hundreds of pounds.

Given the impression these policyholders have, what chance does the industry have to a) change this perception and b) deliver products and services that match expectations they have of other industries?

To find out, Post, in conjunction with Salesforce recently hosted an interactive webinar which addressed a variety of topics including:

• What are the biggest hindrances to personalisation?
• What can insurance companies do to take the first steps to offering policyholders a more personal journey - based on who they are and not a cheap price?
• Could personalisation become a key tool in helping the industry curb its reputation in terms of dual pricing for new and existing customers?
• What role can insurtech play in improving customer loyalty?